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Career Summary

  • 2 years of rich work experience in the domain of manual and automated software testing.
  • Strong knowledge of STLC and SDLC with experience in writing & executing test cases and test scenarios.
  • Experience in various types of testing – Functional, Regression, Scenario, Client-server based, Web based in environments like Win XP, Vista and Linux
  • Strong communication skills with an ability to grasp new things quickly.
  • Good team player with strong interpersonal skills.

Work Experience

Since Apr-08 Company XYZ Sr. Software Tester
June 08-Mar-07 Company ABC Jr. Software Tester

Technical Skill Set

  • Languages: Perl, Python, C++
  • Environment: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux
  • Tools: Aptest Manager, Bugzilla, Quick Test Pro, JIRA, Load Runner, Test Director
  • Databases: SQL, Oracle

Functional Skill Set

  • Preparation of test plans, test cases and execution & reporting. Ability to write test cases and test scenario, review, run and generate test reports.
  • Ability to handle a team of testers while working on multiple deliveries simultaneously.
  • Co-ordinating smooth implementation of test plans with the development team.
  • Training the new members in the team and getting them productive quickly.

Projects handled

Project: A Client: Internal Team size: 4

Environment: Windows Vista, Win XP
Testing Tools: Quick Test Pro (QTP), Load Runner, Test Director
Description: Project deal with data stored in day to day transactions. Also contains details of customer impact ticket including daily transaction with the client.

Project: B Client: XYZ Team size: 3

Environment: Windows Vista, Win XP, Linux
Testing Tools: Quick Test Pro (QTP), JIRA
Description: This project development involved 3-tier architecture. The System is designed to automate the bank’s money market operations. It provides for on-line data capture and validation. The system posts transactions details and accounting entries to the bank.

Project: C Client: ABC Team size: 7

Environment: Windows Vista, Win XP, Linux
Testing Tools: Quick Test Pro (QTP), QC
Description: This project development involved 3-tier architecture. The System is designed for International market capture plan. It provides for instant access to savings, instant access to your money 24/7, monthly interest paid directly into your account.

Other projects

Project: D Client: PQR Team size: X

Environment : Java, J2EE
Tools: MQC

Project: E Client: Internal Team Team size: X

Environment: WinXP. Windows Vista
Tools: LoadRunner


  • Awarded employee of the month for pulling a crucial project 15 days ahead of delivery time, June 2008
  • Won state level paper presentation competition on the topic “XYZ”, Apr-06


  • BE from XYZ College of Engineering, City A with 72% marks
  • HSC from ABC School, City B with 67% marks
  • Testing certification course from XYZ Institute

Trainings attended

  • Session on “Team work and Problem solving” by Institute 1
  • Session on “Developing Interpersonal skills” by Institute 2

Personal Details

  • DOB: 10th Jan, 1900
  • Languages known: Hindi, English, French
  • Address: 13, Rosewood, City 1, State 2, Country.





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