Real Time Testing Work Flow

A sample of how the testing work flow takes place.

Build mail from Development to Lead to Test Lead


New build is ready for QA. Build is available in VSS.

File location: \\VSS\OrangeHRM\Testing\Builds\HRM2.0

Please continue testing and update the status by tomorrow EOD.

Thanks, Mahesh

Same mail will be Forwarded to Team via Test Manager/Test Lead



Start testing.



Test Lead will prepare Task List and Fixed issues and communicated to Team


Attached please find a list of Fixed Issues – To be verified in HRM 3.0 and Build 01. Same sheet is updated in our shared server

Location: \\sharedserver\HRM\ReTesting

Please retest the all fixed issues and let me know the status by Tomorrow EOD.

Let me know, if required further. Thanks,


Test Lead will collect status reports from Test Engineers daily basis and he will prepare Build Summary report. Same he will forward to Test Manager

Hi Rahul,

Attached is the HRM Build summary report of 3.0v Build 01.



Test Manager Will forward Build Summary Report to Development Lead and Client Call

Hi All,

Agenda for HRM 3.0 Build 01 testing review meeting

  1. Bugs summary and Test execution status
  2. Next build plan and Q&A if any

We will call: 1 7871234

Time: 9.30 am PST Wednesday (10.00 pm IST Wednesday)

Weekly Build Summary Report¶ is attached to this email for reference. Thanks,


Next Day Team with Test manager and Test Lead will prepare MOM and circulate to Test Engineers


Minutes of today meeting are as follows:

Date:     10-13-2009

Time:  9:30 AM ± 9:40 AM PST

Participants: Team


Discussed about HRM 3.0 build 01

One more new build will be released tomorrow

HRM 3.0v is scheduled for one month

Action Items:

Testing team concentrates HRM 3.0 testing

Thanks, Rajesh


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