Test Plan

Test manager/ Test Lead / Test engineer shall study approved SRS and prepare test plan for project based on approved PMP

Entry criteria to prepare test plan

Approved PM (Test schedule)
Approved SRS (Test Effort/ Strategy )
Test Plan guidelines
Test plan template (Process documents)

Exit criteria for Preparing Test Plan
Test plan should be reviewed and approved.
Once test plan is approved the test lead will create baseline for test plan (TestPlan 1.0v) and he will update the same in configuration repository (FileServer or VSS)


1. A document describing the scope and approach, resources and schedule of testing activity. It identifies test items, the features to be tested, the testing task, who will do each task, and any risks requiring contingency planning.
2. A detail of how the test will proceed, who will do the testing, what will be tested, in how much time the test will take place and to what quality level the test will be performed.

  1. Introduction

           1.1 Test Plan Objectives

  1. Scope of this Document
  2. Test Strategy

           3.1          Smoke Testing

           3.2          Sanity Testing

           3.3          System Testing

           3.4          Database Testing

           3.5          Cross Browser Testing

           3.6          Automation Testing

  1. Environment Requirements
  2. Test Schedule
  3. Control Procedure


Bug Reviews

Change Requests

  1. Functions to be tested
  2. Functions NOT to be tested
  3. Resources & Responsibilities
  4. Deliverables & Milestones
  5. Defect Management
  6. Dependencies

12.1       Personnel dependencies

12.2       Software dependencies

12.3       Hardware dependencies

12.4       Test Data & Database

13. Risks

14. Tools

15. Documentation

16. Approvals

17. Entry & Exit for each testing activity

18. Test Suspension

19. Test Resumption

20.Test Completion


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